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"The Moon"

For this painting, I had to fade the black-blue colours in a circular motion. This method was new to me as I had only faded from top to bottom in my other paintings. It took me many strokes and cover-ups to get the near-perfect circular fade leading up to the moon. In this artwork, I experimented with toothpicks to get the smallest possible dots to represent the yellow stars in the sky. I originally aimed to paint a dog next to the girl on the swing, but due to the difficulty of recognising a dog, I chose to paint a cat. With the distinctive features of a cat including the whiskers, perky ears and long tail, it is easier to notice what is sitting next to her. The only feature I would edit if I were to paint this again would be letting the moon and background dry before painting the girl because I smudged her finger on the page making the moon darker. Overall my peers rated this painting a 8/10.

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